Aug 27, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Juz finished my 1st exam paper. Hmm...InsyaAllah lulus. I dunno whether the questions r easy or I becoming more clever (hehehe) or maybe bcoz it is ramadhan, every thing is made easy for you. Still need to study for my exam on the 2nd sept n then I'm free!!! Looking forward to go back on the 7th. Yippie!!!!!

Owh, ofi is in sabah for his practickal work. He will be in kk,kinabatangan n semporna. So to my fren, who ever met him, please say hi to him for me. I miss him so much (sbnrnya x rasa pon dia kt kl atau sabah...hahahah). This mean that ofi goes to semporna before I go there. Its not fair!!! Hahaha...n a bit embarassing. How come a sabahan never went to semporna...aiyo!!!Malu2. My family went there when I'm in boarding school...sungguh tidak adil. And ofi might be going to one borneo....again..I never been there! But its not me to blame, last time when I'm in KK, 1B tu x buka lg pun. Tp mmg dah siap sepenuhnya time tu. one borneo = one utama...kira sama la kan?? Heheheh. Ok..another hour before breaking my fast. (lps asar x elok study..thats y i'm blogging!!!). Today menu, mushroom and egg soup, called my mum to ask for the recipe. I miss her cooking. The truly chef. Compare her with me...I think I'm only 30% of her expert. Need to catch another 70%.


Che' Pit said...

good luck DJ.. chaiyok chaiyok..


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