Aug 11, 2009

I'm Broke, we all broke

::Ungu - Hampa Hatiku::

The utilities bill came once for 4 months and i forgot to calculate this into my budget. Everyone in da house too. After going for a trip in europe ....abeskan duit, now I've overspend the money. Konon nk bawa blk duit banyak tp :( . I'm so sad. Need to stop shopping. Souvenirs (checked), presents for my family (checked), shopping (checked) what else???OOOO....forgot to calculate my rent deposit..Yippie!!!Ada duit lg. What else??Owh, barang2 pesanan rakan2. Wow!!!!Jangan lupa bank in Ok?Hehehe..ok x broke dah...ada duit balik :)



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