May 10, 2008


Demam teruk...rasa tak tahan sgt. Hav to cancel to go to PWTc- Leen's wed. SOrry Lin. Only managed to went to Aimi's engagement. Da mkn ubat but still sakit teruk, yin gurau2 ckp sbb ofi xde..tula demam. The fact is, pagi td dh baik demam sikit, but still b'usaha pegi Aimi's engagement. So...b'tmbh sakit. Hadiah tunang aimi is with me.SO kena la pegi..lgpon x nk kecewakan kwn2 yg lain. They all miss me ya..hehehehe.

Aimi getting married on 23th August. Wow...only 2 months ahead. Actually my fever start when I went out to midvalley to buy aimi n lin's present. The weather was so hot until when I enter my office, I've got sore throat. Then I know...I'll be getting fever. Cooked some porridge..but don hav appetite to eat. I can't sleep anymore bcoz too many sleep oredi. aduiii..ada2 sj c dj ni. Ok..chow.



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