May 16, 2008

Holiday on Monday

How I luv friday. N How I love next monday coz it will be wesak day. How I love my life as a career woman xcept 4 the boss. Hahahaha...lps rindu semnjak mc 2 ari. Nothing much to blog. Hmm...Wanna make some tix reservation but seems that everyone has booked online oredi. Wanna make online payment..but its all under maintanence. What the he**$#. Should i buy the tix??Bcoz theres a futsal on5pm?R ofi will be joining that game?He must be. Hope to see what happen in las vegas..but cant manage to book that tix. Hmmm...which movie to choose?Speed racer?Drilbit taylor?The tattoist?Pening2...

Still don hav appetite to eat n doing my work. My brain has a temporary shut down. it needs a maintainence too. Hahahaha..ok my lovely readers...gtg...daaa



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