May 6, 2008

Weekend Fab

Last weekend join ofi n his BMI frenz watched 'Forbidden Kingdom'. I tawt I bought the wrong ticket..but when jacky chan appear...I know i'm not is the producer fault. Hehehehe. Then went to Rasta 4 makan2 n to Kak Lana's Doa selamat 4 her new house. Ala2 house warming gitu. The food is delicious...nasi padang. Owh...nyum2. Help ofi to tidy up the house...actually I tlg tgk je. Tlg sikit2 la gak.

Sunday, breakfast with ofi, his aunty (which i never saw b4) and his mum. Then again, went to TGV OU 4 IronMan. This time I gave 5 stars 4 the muvie. Luv Gwyneth very much. She's very beautiful n not 4get the reporter from vanity fair..lawa gak. Then went to SAMBA watch ofi play futsal. Balik umah...hav dinner wif him...went to KD n wallaaa...back home @ 1130pm. Juz nice to sleep n get ready for the next monday blues. Tq dear for the fun weekend. Cheers all...



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