May 12, 2008

My Health Update

This is the worst fever i've ever had. Sampai sesak2 nafas i tell u. Luckily there are clinic that open 24 hrs. If not..i dunno what will happen to me. The doctor gave me some strong medication. WHich make me sleepy n tired. N thats the reason why I nearly fainted...3 times nk pitam. I just see blank n can feel my blood flow stop. Quickly I lay on my bed. Igtkn da kuat bole p masak2 n basuh2 kain. Unfortunately no.

To avoid all of this, i stop some of the medication. Hahahaha...lmbt sembuh pon lmbt la. Yg penting x pengsan. Juz took antibiotic n cough syrup. Hahahaha...very minimum quantity. Thats again the reason why my body temperature still high.

Ari ni dpt housemate br. As usual dj will be very helpfull in carrying things up to the house. (konon2 kuat la mcm tomb rider!). At last..felt very tired n nk t'muntah. Nasib baik minum air byk2. Stil perut sakit2. Ok...need to rest more..hope I'm getting well n fitt 4 work tommorrow. Amin.



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