May 29, 2008

MARA-SPC Result is out!

Oh thank you Allah..tq mara 4 giving me the scholar. Syukur Alhamdulillah.Cemerlang jg aku ye???(Skim Pelajar Cemerlang). Hav a lot work to do after this. Visa?Passport?Tiket?Medical Check Up?After I received the official letter from MARA la.

My dad doesnt trust me?Then he doesnt give me to resing early. Owhh..I hate my boss!!!My dad afraid that after i finished my study..i don get job. hmm...i dunno. Rezeki d tgn tuhan.

So sad..hav to leave my family behind (sbnrnye dah biasa). Hav to leave my TTM(ni mmg sedih).Hav to be wif ecah all the time (heheheh...die kn garang n berbelit2). sorry cah. Hav to depend with each other...coz..we r the only two. Hope Dj jasmi got it. Congratz whoever got this SPC:signither,asmurai - eventhough i dunno who they r.hehehe. Sapa2 yg x dpt..ada hikmah tu. To T..dont local pon ok. N u can help me to look after my TTM in BMI. hahahahha

Cheers All (tiru org cute ADL ckp mcm ni)


kurukuru said...

hello.Are u from bmi..Which university are u going..Im from bmi n also get d spc...Nway congratz.

kurukuru said...

Are u from bmi..Which University r U going..Im from BMI n get d spc 2.Nway congratz

pink praying mantis said...

hi kurukuru. Nope..i'm not from BMI. I'm from uitm shah alam. COngratz to u too. I'm going to city u, london. r u going to UK?DO keep in touch ok!


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