May 27, 2008

Tuesday Bluff

No monday blues yesterday, bcoz my boss is on leave. Yup, its school holidays. Thats y my dept is as quiet as mouse. Only the single left. Unmarried or without kids. N today my boss is out for 2-day courses. Yipeeee!!!!! However hav work to do. But without him..I can do my task happily and peacefully. Hahaha.

Went to Jalan TAR yesterday, helping seha for her shopping list b4 her big day (graduation day). oh my gosh...the tudung r beautiful...n the bags?????Regret I bought a new handbag..bcoz at masjid jamek its like bag heaven.

Gossip of the day:
*2 of my frenz r in depressed mode n grace period. Why?As problem. One guy r getting married. The other guy hav a new gf. Ouch!!!Another heartbreak kid. As my advice earlier...go on with ur life. Kumbang bukan seekor. Heheheeh. But I want my kumbang. X nak kumbang lain.

*2nd gossip, my senior from smsld is getting engaged. Two of them. Batch 97-01 & 96-00. Guess who?As usual..i'm the secret keeper. Cannot tell the others. Pe la nak bende elok. Maybe x nk heboh2 sbb baru tunang kot???X manis org kata? comment. Rahsia kita2 jak usin. Jgn bgtau org ya!!!



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