Sep 5, 2008

5th Ramadhan

::Cokelat - Penantian::

My camera is out of cant upload delicious food pic. Btw, x elok ltk gmbr mknan nnt mengundang cubaan dan godaan nafsu kpd org lain. Pastu gak, x elok menunjuk2 (perasan). Hehehehe. 6 days more to go until I fly to UK. Is it 6 days more??Heard from my friend that her flight ticket has changed. (actually kak baiti..hehehe). What???Even djasmi check her name @ MAS, kejap 11th kejap 12th. Apa la diorang ni. I guess mine is not confirmed yet. I hate it that way. A'ai went to MARA yesterday n the result??No answer. Next week hav to go back to MARA. N this time, I'll joining them. Hope b4 I fly to UK..some sweet things happen. Miracle maybe? Which if it doesn't happen...i'll be sad till the rest of my life. Even now I'm sad already..but hope it will get better. I dunno why some ppl is hard to understand ur feeling????

Enough for the not so sad story, let us talk about my happy news. I got my new laptop. Yup!!! Thanx to ofie for helping me to buy it at lowyat n install normal software that we used together (actually not we la, normal ppl use the same application also). I decided to buy acer aspire 4715z n not the 4520. Ok la 4 me. I juz use it for my studies n internet.



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