Sep 10, 2008

Ready To Go!

::Mocca - Me n My Boyfriend::

Yesterday I went to Mara..and alhamdulillah. Everything settled. I got my ticket n my $$$$$. Wahahahaha. Now, juz need to pack. I already done some packing but I think I brought too much?Eventhough many ppl think my bag is small..but u dont know what is inside the bag. Hohohoho. Here is the pic of my bag. If I could juz get some comment from all of u?? What do u all think?Is it to small?Check out my item list also ok.

Why do I bring a small bag?It's for travel future. Mn tau nk pi France ke Holland ke kn? Can bring this bag. Hahaha. Item summary :-

  • 17 shirts/t-shirt
  • 12 jeans/pants/slack
  • 3 baju kurung
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 jackets
  • 1 bolero
  • 1 towel
  • 1 kain batik
  • 1 scholl (my temporary blanket)
  • 1 telekong n sejadah
  • 1 long john
  • 10 tudungs (I plan to bring 4 but end up bring 10..pheww!!)
  • toiletries & makeup
  • innerwear/underwear (private..heheheh)
  • 1 summer sandal (transalation: selipar jepun yg lawa)

A'ai n djasmi's bag are bigger than mine. I wonder what they bring???Yin's bag is only 16kg. So I think its the same like me. Hehehe.


YieN said...

hi DJ...

my bag still have some spaces, and i have no idea to put any other things inside. btw, i have used ur listing item as to start my packaging..hehe.

I still considering to put inside all kueh raya sponsored by pakcik makcik.

hehehe... DJ!! aku takot sejooookkk...

bAiTi said...

dj.. kocik nyer beg!!!.. Hehehe.. Belum tgk beg k.baiti lagi, huwaaa..!! Mcm overloaded jer, huhuhu..

K.Nora said...

DJ, dah ok dah tu.. dh lengkap dh.. nnt nak balik Msia lagi banyak beg.. hehe mcm kak nora, smpai 4 kotak ni haa nak bawak balik! masa pegi 2 beg je.. balik... 6 beg! hahaha..

Pink Praying Mantis said...

heheh..thanks 4 the comment. Waa..yin..nk pi london ni..english pon dah improve..tahniah2.


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