Sep 6, 2008

Ticket Confirmed!

::Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby::

I received an sms from miss nurin (my mara officer in charge) telling me that my tix is ready and can be collected on Monday @ BPP. She also informed that my flite is on 11th sept 2340. Yes!!! Finally, I got my ticket. How bout my $$$$??I think they will give me together with the tix maybe. Actually miss nurin sms me by private no. (can we trust this sms?). Again the sms received on 1.40 in the morning.??????. Anyway...hope it is not scam or anything 'Gotcha!' thingy. Ms nurin also asked me to inform others. Yup!I Settled everything. House n tix. hmm.. I'm a problem solver (perasan lg). heheheh.



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