Sep 24, 2008

POW Again

::Andra & The Backbone - Sempurna::
Forgot to bring my camera USB cable, so I will update about my new house in the next post. Btw, I'm in azrul's house. Tumpang tdo sbb nk pakai internet n break our fast at Prince of Wales, Willesden Restaurant. The Malay restaurant..craving for malay food. Thats why we all sanggup dtg all the way from walthamstow to willesden. 1 hour journey. (East to North West).

In front of our house at walthamstow. Went 4 shopping at Argos.

After shopping at argos. Fuh..penat!! It is similar to ikea but more cheaper n no displayed item. Only see through the catalogue and ordered at the counter.

At the Walthamstow Central. Very happening you!!! Behind me is the selbourne walk shopping centre.



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