Sep 11, 2008

Lets Go!

::Jason Mraz - I'm yours::

Will be travelling by boeing 747-400 (744), MH 2 tonite. Hope everything gonna be alrite. Book our seat (yin's friend help us..hehehe). So hard to get seat together but we managed it. After looking at the seat plan...I realized why we got that seat..bcoz it is a poor seat. But I dont mind actually. Juz bcoz u r near to galley...its not that uncomfortable rite?. So check ur seats b4 booking ok.

Thanks to all my friends who help me to get trough all these. (Ayat???)
My thank list goes to:
  • Kak Nora (sorry if I trouble u so much)
  • Kak Baiti
  • Azrul
  • Soraya
  • Zaini
  • Cik Nurin & MARA
  • Apek smsld
  • Abg Khyril
  • and to all of u (sorry if I forgot ur name)

And my special thanks goes to The Great Ofi. Thanks 4 the help n love. Hehehehe. My next blogging..."I'm in London" heheheh..



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