Sep 13, 2008

Finally ~ London

::Faizal Tahir - Aku punya kamu:: Arrived at heathrow london at 5.08 am on 12th sept. So easy to get through the immigration n customs. Even we dont need to go for health checking...maybe bcoz its early in the morning. Hahaha. We got to Azrul's house by taxi. After rest for a while (sbb angkat brg ke tingkat 8), at 10 am..we go for a walk in london (by tube n bus). Get lost in london...hahahah...its normal la..
Will cont my stories tired to blog about. Some pix from london. Hahahah...

on the flite (i dont feel like 13 hrs...maybe bcoz i watch too much movies..n sleep.Hahaha

The London tower & london double decker bus (top)

Heathrow Airport..looking 4 a taxi



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