Sep 8, 2008

My Last Day @ Sabah

:: Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin::

Yup, Its my last day at my hometown. Tomorrow I'll be leaving to KL. How sad....actually x sedih pon. No feeling actually, maybe I already turn into one of the terminator who do not have any feeling. I'm not sad n I'm not happy..not even excited. Maybe it comes later rite?

Today I bake brownies...more delicious form what I did in ofi's house. I think bcoz I use butter, crunchy walnut and vochelle chocolate. Heheheh..expensive one. Hmm..buka puasa nk mkn apa ya??Maybe do some ayam masak merah..n sayur masak eggplant kot. Btw, last nite I taste the most tasty n delicious fish (pdhal ikan merah je). But I think the way my mum peram the fish with chilli paste, kunyit n all that...n than bakar some more. Whow!! Membangkitkan aroma n rasa di dlm ikan tersebut. I hate seafodd..but this time...I eat till finish. Heheh

I read a forum in cari about the late Naza owner's son: SM faisal, SM Nasa n SM Faliq. WHoWWW.....they are so gojes, handsome, charismatic...n many more. But maybe they r rich so people tend to judge them like this?? Anyway, I heard that SM Nasa is with Marion Counter. YippiE!!!I like Marion..she's cute n beautiful. So lucky la dis girl. She even got a BMW from her bf. Lucky You! Later I upload their pic. Hehehehe...

Continue my cooking u ols...da...



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