Sep 18, 2008

Not Feeling Very Well

:: Intoxicated - Possibility ::

Hate it very much. I'm still not feeling very well. I skiped yesterday induction...n today I leave the class early. But actually the lecturer asked us to go back early for lepak2. Heheheh. The excel lecturer is a korean. His slang....hmm...I dont really understand. Same as my english. Hehehe. Btw, today I go back by my own bcoz yin n a'ai want to go for shopping. Bcoz I'm not that I decided to go back first. Then when the girls came home..they cooked me porridge. Hahaha..eventhough I didn't finish it...yin help me to finish the porridge(mengalahkan org sakit). Thank Q girls. Then I take my medicine and now I'm feeling much better at this moment. But maybe my fever will come back later but I still hope that this feeling will remain...which is I'm getting better n healthy. Below pic when we out for shopping in IKEA WEMBELY n view from our rumah tumpangan at Maybury Garden, Brent.



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