May 8, 2009

I'm Bored like ________ !!!!!

::Lily Allen-The Fear::

Juz finish my exam. Whoah!!!! I'm so bored. Dunno what to do. No books to read...hehehhe =P
Btw, I've juz finished watching all the Dr. Black Jack Tv series anime (44 episodes)...lot of movies such as the butterfly effect, he's juz not that into u, spice world and many more. I'm totally run out of movie rite now. hahahahah. n when I'm so bored...I will disturb or can say destroying? other people life..and the lucky person is of coz ofie! hahaha. Keep on ym (call x la slalu pon sbb mhl kan..)...maybe YM la...always buzz him around. Poor him...I know how it feels when someone clinging u around like 24/7. So to make things better...I get myself bz cooking n baking. Plese dont be mad at me ofie, I'm sorry. Hehehehe. And thanks to ofi's mum too..coz she invites me to spend a nite in aunty sarah's house in buckinghamshire. Yippie...can get rid my boredness. Thank you so much!!!!! bored virus will be gone next week. Yup..will start my third term on tuesday. Class????Whoah...I'm not ready brain still tired n malfunction..but doing nothing n feeling bored also can damage my brain. Better go to class lor....

Dont forget to visit my foodsie...banana cake, roasted chicken and many more recipe...keep on bz cooking can reduce my tense a lil bit.


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

best kan the fear by lily allen..i loike!


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