May 15, 2009

Sapa ni??

::Lily Allen-Not Fair::

Attention to all...chewah. Went to oxford street (again..heheh). Did some shopping as usual. N then when we were walking along the street..we met this tall handsome guy with his gf. Then there's bunch of peeps stop them n taking photo with this guy. So I managed to snap a pic of him. So....the q..who is he??I guess he is a football player....maybe? or brit actor or model???But I strongly believe he's a football player. So..sapa2 yg tau...please tell me ok??

Pic of me...make up by maybelline (hahahah) from la redoute and shirt n beg sponsored by ofi. Tq for the gift. Love it so much. Even though the shirt size is 'L'. Doesnt he knows that his gf wear petite sizes?Or maybe saja bg baju besar2...supaya nampak sopan??Insaf kejap. Heheheh. But as a fashionista...chewah..konon...I can modify and make the shirt suits me n wear with a perfect combination of shoes n beg...(okla..mengarut dah). gambar agak terkangkang sikit..coz i'm not ready yet..but yin da snap la plak. its ok la...



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