May 30, 2009

Another Europe Trip

::Ryan star - Lasst train home::

Its confirm!!Juz bought the ticket n booked the hotel. Will be going for europe trip on 21 July - 26 July together with a'ai, yin and frens from m'sia, mas n anis. All together 5. Wow!! Cant wait. Our trip dis time is Paris-Pisa,Italy-Paris. Gonna be a tough one too. Mesti penat ni. So we has juz begun our training session in order to maintain our stamina. Hahahaah. Me, a'ai n yin but djasme n effy also start dieting n work out coz x lama lg blk m'sia. hahahah. Everyone in healthy n diet mode to loose some weight before going back to Malaysia. hahahah. So funny everyone works very hard this time. Gonna keep fit n healthy n wif lots of energy. Cant wait to see the spectacular sightseeing and landmark. Owh..will be going to disneyland paris too.

Forgot to tell my parents..hehehe..ok will be going to a trip. Dont worry about me ok mummy n daddy. Hehehe.



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