May 30, 2009

PS:I Love You

::James Blunt - Same Mistake::

Last nite I watched this movie (Ps:I Love You) with my dear ofie. Ok, u probably asking how on earth we do that bcoz we r far apart rite?Simple, juz on your webcam and watch together and pretend that we watch side by side. hahahaha. Brilliant!

Ofi watch the movie first till the 26 minutes, then he stop n wait for me. Then we continue watching it together after the minutes 26. When I watch it without him, I cry a lot but when he's around, I didnt cry that much. Maybe coz I can see him n even though the story was sad I still feel happy. Hehehehe. Now I know why I didnt cry when watching movie together. But when I watch alone...tears keep coming down. T__T

Love the story. Recommended to all. Not a very chick flick muvie. So sweet but sad...I cant spoilt any of the story to u..go and watch it urself. Hahaha.

My fav quaotes of coz "PS:I Love you" and "I know what I want,because I have it in my hands right now. You!" juz make my heart melt......

Actually I dont like hillary swank coz she's not that pretty. She has a boyish face...'handsome girl' but in this movie, she look nice n a bit pretty. Hehehehe.

Ps:I Love you ofi



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