May 17, 2009


I would like to wish congratz to my anak buah (chewah...juz kiddin') Muna n her bf Akmal for gotten the MARA-SPC. Kawin la b4 fly ke sini. Heheheheh =p. All the best for both of u. Congratz too for all who manage to got the sponsorship.

To A*, the kursus BTN usually organized by MARA and juz wait for them to called and it is after signing the agreement with them (conditional offer).

The monthly allowance for postgraduate as at 2008-2009 are:

Rate A - 1093pound
Rate B - 920pound
Rate C - 748 pound

A:London, Oxford & Cambridge
B:Surrey, Reading, Bath, Bristol & Edinburgh

Usually before fly, they gave us 6 month allowances + RM1500 (winter clothing) + 400pd (if not mistaken...around that la for book allowance). Subject to change...

p/s-juz got back from holland...will upload photo after celebrate my housemate balik je terus masak. T____T



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