May 25, 2009

Start Cooking

::Mocca-Do what u wanna do:: I found this useful website Lovely site for everyone that juz started to learn how to cook. Lots of step by step video and colourful too.This remind me that I havent update my foodsie blog. No new recipe. Been thinking of trying to bake some bread. Soon maybe. Ahahaha. My diet seems to change lately(bkn diet for loosing weight tu ya). Now I hav heavy breakfast which means I take rice in the morning, lunch n tea time I ate bread/mee/bun and fruits. Last time I had lite breakfast of oat/cereal/bread/toast etc2...then I had lunch (rice+lauk2) and then at tea time I had bread/bun and fruits. But I think its the same, except the time of taking rice?Kan? Hohoho.



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