May 15, 2009

The Bz Bee


I'm so bz like a bee. Heheheh. Juz started my new term. 3 days of classes a week. So tired..coz last time my class was only 2 days a week. (pdhal tambah 1 je pon :P). DOnt hav time to write blog or blog hopping. Sorry my blog fren...dont hav time to read any of your blog yet.

Oooo....I'm going to keukenhof,holland this weekend. Yipppie!!!!!Its a last minute plan coz there's this event that will end on the 21st of may. So we decided to go on this weekend. Cant miss the event...the lily show or something...cant remember the name. Holland is one of my fav place...and i dream to go there ever since I was a kid coz I like tulips so much..especially the yellow one. r some sneak preview of keukenhof. Will be taking lots n lots of pic.

Btw, rite now my mum is in Perlis to visits my grandma coz she's admitted to the hospital. Please pray for my tok som ok everyone?

Currently I'm watching Full House (again) and boys over flower (x tgk sgt sbb mmg mcm cite meteor garden). hahaha..full house is so funny...hahahaha...cant stop laughing. Even my fren said that the scene its not that funny but i'm overdose with the 'happy pills'. overdose coz i got some gift from my sayang ofi and met his family (x dpt jmpa ofi..parents pon bole) and some other thing..secret2 thinggy...hahahahah. So thats why i'm overexcited these days. Happy...Happy..Happy...
Sapa2 yg dapat MARA-SPC tu...congratz ya!!I heard many peeps didnt make it. Ya...I know they r being more strict and hav limited the sponsorship. So who ever didnt make it...dont be sad. Bukan rezeki...try again next time or find other sponsor/scholar. I know there's someone happy n giggling rite now. (hepi la tu ada org x dpt pegi..x baiknye)


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

waahhh..gambar tu ka kaukenhof??/canteknyaaa..bawa aku dj..bawaku terbang..

Pink Praying Mantis said...

a'ah keukenhof. jom2. klu ko dtg london...i'll bring u to holland. kita naik bus jak murah. cari tiket airasia murah2 pi sini cinoi.


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