Apr 26, 2008


This week is the most fastest week I've ever had. Its Saturday already, oh no..one day left for my rest weekend. What happen actually this week that make it so fast?

Monday - Got a call from Actuarial dept's boss. WOw!!!Offer me a place there. BUt not sure if my boss can release me since he is the meanest boss i ever had. Hehehehe.
My daydreaming started here bcoz i tawt that I wont get the MARA scholar. I dream that I work in actuarial dept with aimi n shima. I bought a new car, n get along with the actuarial team as they always organize many activities. Best2.

Tuesday - Got a letter from MARA calling for an interview next tuesday. Oh no? Suddenly my dream yesterday change. THis mean that i will not be accepted to the actuarial dept and the activities with my new car also dissapear. How fast it can change rite?

Wednesday - Got scold by my boss. I dunno actualy what is his prob. BUt what i hate so much, he said that if i want to learn about profit testing..no need to go actuarial dept. He also can teach me. The fact is...everyone know his not good at sharing. He never share n guide his staff or even his colluege. This mean i will not get transfered to actuarial dept. Oh you wicked boss!! NVM, hope i pass the interview. Then i show him who's the wicked now!!!

Thursday - Got lot work to do...n then practicing n searching for info for my interview. My boss mc today. I dunno why. Some said he go to medical check up. is he going to resign??Anyway..lets party..all the bosses ar not in the house. Yipeee...

Friday - Today i dont do anything. I'm very lazy and unmotivated. Juz preparing 4 my interview. Hahahaah. SO???The interview is in ILKAP, Bangi. Should i stopat Bangi or UKM commuter station?STill confused bcoz some of my fren said drop at bangi n some at UKM station. Hmmm....sek 15 is where???

What I've prepare for my interview:-
1)About myself
2)Why you choose this course?
3)Why this UNiversity?
4)Why UK?
5)A lil bit of current issus on MARA

That's all..if they asked me other question i think i cant answered it..since i'm very nervous..huhuhuhuh



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