Apr 30, 2008

SPC-MARA Interview - My experience

The interview was at ILKAP, Bangi @ 2pm. I went out @ 11.30 am. Singgah sat kt sup ani pekena nasi ayam. Isi perut dulu ma..Then went to sg buloh comuter station..since the taxi wanted to go to sg buloh..ok..xpela..It took 1 hour from sg buloh to UKM station. Oh my!!!Then take a cab...I arrived at ILKAP at 1.40pm. The regsitration is not yet open. Lunch breakla tu.
After registration...wait 4 about 3 hours. My turn is at 5.05pm. So tired. The panel maybe tired also that's y they dont asked me a lot of Q. Or maybe they r not interested on me? my interview is about 10 min only. 1st 5 min, they dont even look at my file. Sedih2..huhuhu...da buat tbl2 tu. Pastu br selak2..itupun 2,3 pages only. Or maybe they already accept me???Dunno la.

The panel is from MARA n one is a lecturer from UKM. I think she's a dean mayb?Both are female. Like makcik2..so they r really kind..mayb bcoz i am like a daughter to them n mayb bcoz i'm ver adorable.Hehehehe. The panel from UKM speak BI+Malay. But I speak in BI only. Even though i think i speak broken english.Hehehehe...

Ok..the Q are...first they asked me to tell about myself..Ok..as usual n normal my intro ..bla2..bla2..n then sometimes they interrupt and asked something about myself. Then ask me why i want to further study since i already hav a gud job (they dont know my boss!!!). I said that i wanted to go to actuarial dept...since in etiqa it's hard to transfered..they only gave to maybank scholar n professionals xm paper holder. Hehehehe....They asked me if i wanted to be a lecturer..but i said mayb after 5-10 yrs. They said at that moment..i'm old oredi. N my frens oredi had they PHD. Ok2...i told my mum about this n my mum very angry bcoz she said i suppose to said yes. So..am i rejected 4 the spc???Bcoz not saying that i wanted to be a lecturer?

Some of my frens (new frenz) told that the panel r very psycho. Mcm x psycho pon kt aku?Maybe nk cpt blk..hey..office hour ends at 545pm. Gotta quick!! What else the Q ya?Owh.. they asked me how many paper exemption from City?What will appointed actuary got their title?Mcm engineer kn IR...so actuary?actually i'm not really aware bout this. But I said they hav FSA. WHich i always saw at the end of en Hanafi punya nama..Hahaha..So overall...i giv my self 70% for my performance.Hehehe. the panel also asked me n the end of the interview.."ni btl2 nk study ke ni?"...eh..."betul2". Thats the only BM word i said. hehehehe.
The result will be out end of may..pray hard 4 this one..

Some new frenz that i met there...such a coincidence...i met dj n she also took actuarial science n will further to City too...hahahahah..but she graduated from Purdue. I think my competition is quit tough since they r many graduate students from oversea. Ala bg la chance kt ktorg ni yg x penah p obersi lg, Ish3...another is saidatul who take biomolecular???N shukran graduated from korea. Annyong!!!Kaya seh..gaji 4k. He paid 4 our taxi to ukm commuter. Heheh..he's working in a consultant firm for petronas n he's going to further in safety engineering. Wow...thats good...i heard that they r not many safety engin here in M'sia. ARdzi's dad is one of them. Rite me if i'm wrong. Dj told us that all her fren from background engineering came back to M'sia n got paid 9k to 15k. Waaa????Gila la..actually some of my seniors also get a good paid in engineering. Xcept for them who work with petronas. hahahaha..sian korang. Heard that another high paid engin is reservor engin???X tau the spelling. Hebatnye jd engineer..if i knew dis b4..maybe i took engineering course...Nasib baik bakal suami aku engineer kan?Heheheheh..



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