Apr 12, 2008

PaGi SaBtu

Its saturday morning.How I love the morning breeze on saturday, nothing can replace it. But had a nitemare b4 this. Too much watching 'kawin muda' maybe? Dreamt ofi getting married to his parents choice. How sad =( . But we still going out together, then I realized its not good to do that with someone's hubby or bf. Yup, its my principe u called it. Never go out with someone's boy. Hehehe. I keep this principle even in my dream. Wow, am I good or what? Left him in my dream...

Feel very bad 4 making ofi's life miserable these days. Please 4give me coz I dont meant to do that actualy =P I do understand that he's bz n his final xm is around the corner. Even this weekend he had to go 4 camping. Hope he'll be fine.

As 4 me??I hav a lot work to do this weekend. My product spec is not finish yet n my boss want to see it on monday.Owh????!!!. But...i'm going to Jln TAR first this evening with seha. hehehe. Seha had to work today...half day maa...i'll met her at kl sentral at 1pm.Then we will cruising our way to tudung heaven =D

chow, JSO!



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