Apr 13, 2008

Jalan TAR

It was the unluckiest day in my life. Went to Kl sentral at 12pm. Unfortunately the tren delayed 4 about 20 minutes. Then at station segambut..the tren stopped, due to technical problem. Hav to wait longer...n the most #5$&* was I'm with a crazy man. Why I said the man is mad????He keep on saying that Pak Lah is stupid bcoz set the English as a compulsory languange in School. He said it should be B.Arab. I think this guy is an extremist muslim..whateva la...but he should not said that.

Ok, back to my story. Hav to wait 4 another tren in segambut n managed to get at KL sentral at 1.30pm. Again, seha hav to redo his work...sian dia. Wait until 330pm. Then we went to CM by taxi (it's raining). Mkn2 at old town kopitiam. Seriously,sedap!!! Then p masjid india n Jalan Tar. Huhuhuh. Its a shopping heaven 4 tudung n kain.Went to Jakel...n buy english cotton RM92. Its the expensive cloth I ever bought. Huh..abes gaji 1 bln. But feel satisfied...Bought 2 tudung...heheheheh
I think I'm going back to jln TAR next month. Hahahaha.

Went home at 7.30pm.Ish3,dh maghrib br blk...



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