Apr 14, 2008

Monday Blues Again

Hate its monday again. But I love working..bole lunch sedap2 kt cafe makcik tu. Then her staff always called me 'comel'. Sometimes I get special treat. Hohohoh. Nice to be small. Sometimes la..

Its Final XM season. As for Intan..she can't disturb her bf ..bcoz her bf bz nk xm. Same like me =P. Tp statement Intan plg best utk ari ni ialah "Ke-pass-an exam dia...ke-bahagiaan aku". Nk kawin cpt la tu. Oppss...(?#@$%$). Sapa dpt agak tu..dpt la ye..hehehehe.

Nothing much to blog today...but watch a big billboard infront of my company. LOve film... ada acha n irwan. Fuyoo...it is based on "cinta". Mesti best cite ni. Tgk la kklu dpt pirated punya..muahahahahhahah (ketwa jht)



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