Apr 28, 2008

Pindah Rumah Lama

What a restless sunday!The story begins...we r moving out to our new house in saujana damansara..after packing out all of our things in that house, we went to jusco kepong 4 shopping. Yippeee!!But then the house tenant sms seha n increase the rent. Feeling cheated n disguse, we move out to our old apartment immediately. (actually after bought a new dress...heheheeh!!!). Felt very pity to ardzi coz helping us so much...so...i sms my super hero which is my dear ofi. Luckily he's free. Sorry 4 disturbing u! Move out rite after that. Ardzi bought some refreshment 4 us. Sit down together..the 4 of us. Chat 4 a while..i think one of the best moment in my life...watching the couple buat lwk. Hehehehe...hope we can gather like this again next time. Evrything settled @ 1 am. The boys got back...the girls sleep coz tommorow is working day.(which is today)

Today plan
Went to KLCC (the idea is to go to the POst office to antar our JPA form). I dunno why?Mayb sbb ecah nk p tgk2 brg ni skali.Actually..i'm totally tired..n my kaki sakit sgt2. NI sbb kipas jth ats kaki. DH jd lebam2 dh. Feel very unlucky..but i'm very sure that my lucky daay will come soon..i belive in karma u know..hehehe..hope tommorrow is my luckiest day. Amin....



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