Oct 4, 2008

Our New House

::Sheila on 7 - Berhenti Berharap::

This is our new house at walthamstow...actually I had draft my blog earlier with lots n lots of description and info but I saved it in my pendrive n unfortunately I left my pendrive in my school library. Hope no one will grab it. Its a cheap pendrive by the way, so dont u ever think to steal it!!!

Here r the pic for the living room n kitchen n stairs to my room. I got the smallest n creepiest room but yet its cute n suits me well.

Here r the girls room..before n after.

yin's room is like a family room

A'ai's is like teen girl room

Mine is like kiddy room (not matured yet). I like colourful room but maybe in the near future I will buy more women/adult duvet set. Hehehe..wait n see...


cibil said...

dj, bedding set ni kan sebijik mcm k.nora punye la.. beli kat argos kannn.. hehehe


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