Jun 1, 2009

Picnic@Queen Mary's Garden

Heading to Queen Mary's Garden @ Regent's Park. Going for Picnic or shopping??

On the way to baker street. Janji kol 11 kt sana but as usual, kol 11 baru nak gerak.

Love this beg so much!!!Can fit all my items. My purse+passport+student ID+Oyster card+hp+dslr (yup the beg is big)+1 small mineral bottle+handkerchief+small bottle of hand sanitizer+compact powder+lip balm+deck of cards

Our menu for today : Nasi Lemak, bihun goreng, popia goreng, egg mayo sandwich, bread pudding, coke, juice, fruits(strawberry n apple).

Ready to NGAPPP!!

Photographer nak interprem gak. I look cute here. hehehe..betul..try zoom me. =P Mr K teach us how to play Cho Dai Di (pronounce as cho tai ti) which is actually 'Big Two' in English..cheh..

Yin pair up with A'ai. This is candid pic. They're thinking strategy to win. Heheheh. Djasme is very confident...sambil2 makan.

Me paired with effy. I'm being not so helpful assistant coz bz taking pic n always got the wrong strategy. We lost but actually they can see our decks thru effy's sunglasses..aiyo!!!We've been cheated!LoL Trying Mr K's nikon. Remind me of my bf's cam. Miss u so much. Suddenly I feel regret buying sony??But still Luv my cam

Emma arrived at 2pm..luckily the food still banyak..hehehe. I like her, she so sweet n beauty with brain. So genius la...but mr k still top in the list. Oxford graduate tu..

A'ai n yin playing around while I take care of their belongings n the picnic spot. Amboi..byk cantik!!Hehehe

It's our turn to play..wanted to hire the row boat but cant find the hub. Ended up taking pic n eating ice cream..organic vanilla coated cream. Yummy!!!

There's someone helding a wedding ceromony near us (not in the pic..)Wow..garden wedding..but thats hot.

After playing around, had another makan2 round n then go back home at 4.15pm. So happy, tired and hot la..its summer oredi.



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