Dec 18, 2008

Saya Menyokong Industri Muzik Tempatan!

Yup!!!I really support any local band/artist that play nice music. Underground or overground. Hohohoho. Last time I oredi put some yuna's songs rite?So today I would like my blog readers to listen to this music from Sarita...such a sweet song n voices. Aku amek dr blog Amar with permission ok. So please support our local music industry will ya? You n Me and another song without title. How I love her voices and songs. Good Luck girl.

Music Playlist at

Music Playlist at


izani said...

came across ur site via google mara spc keyword,bila mau turun glasgow :) salam

Pink Praying Mantis said...

tq izani..turun glasgow??Dah x p kot..sbb ritu dah p scotland. Hahaha..bz2


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