Dec 17, 2008

Tour De UK-Day 4


On day 4 we went to Cairngorm mountain in aviemore. The main objective of our tour is to ski in scotland..b4 we reach the destination..we stop anywhere places of interest and spend a nite there. Unfortunately, dis objective did not accomplish. The wind r very strong. So sad!!!But we still go up to the mountain to see the snow...hohoho. After that we went for jalan2 in Avimore town. We found an indian restaurant that serve rice. Yippie!!!But not halal just ordered mushroom n vege briyani. The other gurlz ordered prawn briyani. We hav to wait until 5pm, the restaurant start its business at 5pm...n when we arrive it still 3.45pm. So we played card game in the car. Luckily I bought the cards...52 ways to do on a date..but can use as traditional card too. So cool..luv it. After makan2..we go back to the hotel and play jodoh2 game (teach them how to play dis..hohoho).

going to aviemore

going up the mountain


aviemore town

indian restaurant

mushroom n vege briyani



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