Dec 16, 2008

Tour De UK - Day 2

::Pembrokeshire - Aberystwyth - Liverpool::

Get up early in da morning n continue our journey. Went to Castell Henllys (an iron age fort historic site). Dis is my fav place. Recommended to all. Then we went to Aberystwyth to see the cardigan bay. Mmm..not that pretty..but still nice sightseeing. Walk around the small town n luckily met a halal turkish restaurant..but no rice. only kebab. Well, juz eat!!! After that heading to liverpool..n spend the nite in haydock st helens travel lodge.

in front of our room in pembroke, nice view

Castell henllys

Aberystwyth - Cardigan bay


Jake's Daughter said...

da balik dia...
besnye dapat jenjalan....


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