Dec 31, 2008

Good bye 2008 ~ Hello 2009

::The Carpenters - Close to you::

Good bye 2008 and welcome to the new year 2009. Hope this new year gives more blessing to us. Happy to all of you. I think I'm not going to celebrate it tonite, some study to do =(
This mean no fireworks??Not to worry, can see it from my room. Let me recap what I did this year. Let me see??Errmm..nothing?? Juz working in a not so happy company. Hahahah. Haa!!!! I think the only achievment that I make dis year is when I got the SPC and further my studies in UK. Yeah!!! It was a blissful year for me. Master + travel outside M'sia for the 1st time. Travel around UK...and meet new friends. So I guess 2008 is not that bad for me compare to 2007. Yup, I hate 2007..but I prefer 2006 more than 2008.

I bought my first guitar n dslr cam(is that an achievement?). Go out for a date/movies/makan2/gaduh2 with my dear ofi. We went to holiday plan with him. Kinda love that moment. If only I can turn back the time. Sabah + my family + ofi = Happy like crazy!!! Heard something nice came from him....I wonder if he still remember that?

I think thats many things..but kinda bz study here. Oh why my 2008 ended like this? In my room with books, pain (back pain after sitting to long on my desk n scalds pain), tension, stress...huhuhu...celebrate 2009 only after I've finish my final (thats mean after 22 jan...). Lastly, Happy new year 2009 to all of u. respect. No war!!!



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