Dec 2, 2008

Pushing Daisies Season 2

::Afgan-Terima Kasih Cinta::

Today I will tell you about my fav drama series. Yup!!!Its Pushing Daisies. This series is already in its 2nd season. What can I say??More drama..more mystery...more action...more suspend...and go watch it urself! Hahaha. Its a drama comedy about a life of a piemaker, which is Ned who hav special abilty. He can make a dead person come alive by only one touch but by touching them 2nd time..the person will be dead again forever. Another rules of his special ability is he can only make dead person alive for 60 seconds, if he did not touch the person again..somebody else nearby will die. Sounds crazy and unlogic!!But thats the interesting part in this drama..different from others. Hahahaha. With this ability, Ned help his friend, a private investigator to solve murder crime mystery. Wow!!!Its like magic + CSI. Hohoho. But another complicated issue in this story is that Ned's childhood sweetheart, chuck...has been murdered...and u can guess that ned has touched chuck and now they can't touch with each other. No hugging and no kissing. How sad!!!!!So sweet watching them kissing with a plastic bag and also hugging themself or hold their own hands and pretend that they hold n hug each other.

Another element that make dis series more interesting to watch is about their family history. For example...why Ned's dad gone missing and also the secret of Chuk's family tree...the stories of her aunt...the secret that Chuck's dad kept...and many more. I love to see their crime solving and also the just a mix of romance and action. Hohohoh.

Wait...not to mention..I love the narrator's part and his voice. When he tell about someone's age or the time...he will mention everything...for example ned's age is 29 years, 27 weeks, 2 days, and 2 minutes old (example only..can remember the whole thing!!) n then the name of places and the extra actor are unique and mostly repeated/double such as Coeur d'Coeurs' (ned n chuck childhood hometown), Charles Charles (Chuck's dad) n etc. So many to mention...not to forget the storybook effect...the design and visual make it looks like a colorful storybook..most of the character wear bright colorful and cheery outfit. I admire Chuck's yellow dress. The building...( looks unreal but sweet!!!). I really recommend u all to watch this series..or maybe download it..hehehhe...below pic...Lee pace(ned) is sooo him n sweet.. miss him so much!!!



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