Dec 20, 2008

Tour De UK - Day 7


Its our last day of journey. Wake up early in da morning and went to old trafford. Hohoho. Yeah..i know. Dont be jealous ya!!. Bought some man u merchandise. Man u!Man u!(songs of the mufc theme song). Then we went to the palm tropical oasis in Cheshire. First time tengok piranha..wohoo...giant amazon fish..and my fav the tamarin monkeys. They even got Malayan tortoise. Its a malaysian species..same hometown y'all!! Then we went back to london...stop by to ASDA 24 hrs to buy some cooking oil n 10kg of rice. Hohoho..bcoz we hav this car to carry our heavy groceries.Then..arrived home at 9pm with no heater in our house. So sad!!! Its the end of our trip. So happy we made it..and we hav a safe journey..except that we didnt go for skiing. time girls!!!Hav to study for my final..but hav booked a ticket to Barcelona after the final xm oredi. Hehehe. Why Barca??The girls watch too many Meteor garden series. So they want to go where sanchai (barbie) & Dao ming tse (Jerry) went to in the stories. Aiyo..addicted to tv series. btw, i dont care bcoz i like f4 too...hahaha!!!



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