Dec 16, 2008

Tour De UK - Day 1

::London - Cardiff - Newport,Pembrokeshire::

We go out from our house at 8.45am. Take the rail n tube to tower hill station to pick up our rented car at the guoman hotel. Suprisely, we didnt get our compact rented car, instead a bigger car..vectra vauxhall (if i'm not mistaken la). We didnt know how to reverse the car. Yup, the reverse gear seems weird...not like our ordinary car..luckily someone teach us (nasib baik x kena marah). We start our journey from tower hill heading to cardiff wales. It so hard to go out from the london city to the motorway(highway).But we managed it!!Thanks to our GPS n co-pilot (of coz its me!!..heheheh). We arrived in cardiff at 3.30pm. We visit the cardiff castle and walk around the city. After that we continue our journey to pembrokeshire where we spend our first nite there. Its a lovely resort n nice sightseeing (tgk la sapa yg pilih..hehehe). Suitable for honeymoon...fewwiiiittt!!!We cant visit many places b'coz its winter n its getting dark earlier...juz spend the nite at the resort n ZZzzzzz.

Ready to go

On the way to cardiff

Cardiff castle

The resort room



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