Dec 27, 2008

Boxing Day @ Oxford Street

::Yang Terlewatkan-Sheila on 7::

Its boxing day in UK. A public holiday day after christmas. I heard some religious story behind this day..but we are not celebrating the day bcoz of its historical story but bcoz of our needy. (needy huh?Hehehe). They said that the origin was the wealthy people give gifts to their employees and lower social class people (thats me!!) back in past centuries (sedekah la konon ni). Nowadays, they pass it thru cheaper price for all items/stuff in the shop. Thats mean SALES and DISCOUNTS everywhere. This is the day where a lower class peeps like me can shop for a branded stuff such as Guess, Dior, CK, and etc. Hohoho..why M'sia dont hav dis kind of things?? But I still can't afford to buy Prada, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, LV (just name a few). Still so expensive!!!

The shops/boutiques open as early as 7am. There's a lot people que infront of the shop. Especially Selfridge&Co, where all the branded stuff is in. I promised myself not to go shopping anymore, but what to do??Its boxing day! Btw, my main objective is to buy something for my sis n my mum. Yup!!and I found it. Juz as my sis request. I found Guess boutique in Selfridge&Co. So many peeps..have to boxing all my way to the place to grab the cheapest bag and the pretty one (thats y they called it boxing day maybe?Hehehe). Forgot to bring my camera, if not I can show the crowded in Oxford street especially inside the Selfridge&Co. The expensive boutique such as Prada, LV and etc, they got their own security and you have to que b4 coming in. Only few peeps can enter to their boutique at one time. Wow!!!Maybe one day when I hav money I can buy these stuff, only one or two items maybe. Not very worth it la..its only expensive bcoz of their patent & brand. But owning one or two its juz to show off! Heheheh.

We just went to Tie rack, House of Fraser, Selfridge & Co, Debenhams, John Lewis and Esprit.

Below pic of my today shopping. Again, its not for showing off! Just to show my family what I bought for them and what I bought for myself. My family wll got their things next year la when I'm back in M'sia. Hehehehe.

Evening clutch for my mummy from Tie Rack

This is my present for my sis bcoz she got her 1st job (lecturer in Mara College). You go girl!! She even got the KPLI. Wow..dis is my sis year!!But she chose Mara of course. Congratulation!!!Here Dior eyeshadow & mascara for you. Good for a career women. Hohoho.

Guess bag for my mummy n my sis..okay can choose which one you like..if not..I can have it...hehehe. So jealous!!I want one too..but the bag is like 'pisang goreng panas'. Left only the expensive and the not so pretty one. And I am over my budget too. Bohoo..nevermind. I already got a new handbag from my dear ofi. Cant wait for the bag to arrive. For me, its more valuable and expensive than the Guess handbag. Thank you ofi for the bag!!!! Luv u so much. Muack..muack.

Bought this CD for myself...i wanna try M.A.C actually..but i dont see any sales there??

Lastly, my very own and first Guess purse. New purse vs old purse (which is actually a hp casing only..kasihannya budak nama dj ni!!!). My frens support n encourage me to buy this purse bcoz they know i dont hav any purse. Ok2, i got one...but it was stolen..u can read my burglar story in my older post (go to my march archive I think??). I luv that purse cos it was given by my dear ofi. Sorry I lost it!!! Sad,sad,sad.

Ok after the shopping session, we went to makan2 session in M'sian Hall. I ate Nasi Goreng pattaya and kuih seri muka n kuih bakar (huhuhu..I miss my mum's cooking..thats y i ate the seri muka)..then takeaway laksa (still my mum's cooking). After makan2 session..and gain our energy back, we went to china town to buy some cili kering, santan, tamarind, chinese veges such as chinesse celery and kai lan. Then..went back home and its juz 8pm. No mood for study today. I called it as my day off. Hehehehe...ok, maybe do some CT7 past year xm after this. Hmm..better eat my laksa 1st. Gtg..cheers all.


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

aku pun mau!

dj said...

ala cinoi..boxing day 1 ari jak. pastu brg pun cpt habis..hehehe..

Jake's Daughter said...

Akak nye part..mane??? huhuhu


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