Apr 9, 2009


::The posies-I guess you're right:: (mcm mn lagu ni ada dlm playlist aku?)

I'm so excited!!!Juz got a parcel from US. Actually this is a surprise gift for ofie but I cannot stop myself from telling him..which I've already did. Mcm yg cinoi ckp-copy n paste jak la ya noi... "share joy, double the joy, share sorrow, half the sorrow " Overexcited plak. So what's this all about?A parcel from US??Yup, I bought this fish eye lens specially for my dear ofi. Not the original one..only cikai2 one. Imitation and cheap! Sorry dear, next time if I got the money..I buy you the ori one :P hahahahah...

This OPTEKA fish eye lens made in Japan. Read the review from my flickr group n then I'm kinda like it. But the lens is for nikon model only..but I wanted to try it on my cam. Hahaha..sorry again dear..I open the box to see whether it fits on my camera or not. Hohoho.
Here's the review I read on flickr gernstein. Not for professional use..utk suka2 bola la this kind of lens. To see more pic..juz search opteka fish eye lens in flickr.

Btw, rumah sgt la senyap dan bosan. A'ai join her sister touring around UK (her sis n bro in law came here for honeymoon...asal la ko kacau daun cah??), yin also go out with her bf which visits her all away from m'sia :( ... effy went back to malaysia for holiday, djasme with her cousin (yg adik kpd group OAG tu..hahaha!)..me alone in my room. Apa ka ini??Why I dont have visitors?? Nvm, can study for my final xm.


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

aku pun slalu gitu dj.bli hadiah utk surprise.tp x sabar mo bgtau.so bgtau jak la dia trus b4 kasi benda tu lg.


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