Apr 1, 2009

Lalalalala (tajuk di edit ats sbb2 keselamatan)

::Jason Wade-Days go by::

G20 (Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors) will be having their summit here in London on 2nd of april. So these few days (1st n 2nd april) need to be careful coz there's maybe a lot of protest, campaign and demonstration. So afraid..coz I've got class on the 2nd of april. But hope everything is under control..rely on the city security. Some measures has been made by my school. Yeah...a business school need to have safety measure..since the businessman always been the target. Some activity that might be occur:-

· 1 April - 'Fossil Fools' environmental demonstration in Westminster.
· 1 April - 'Stop the War' demonstration in Westminster. Expected at lunchtime.
· 2 April - London Summit (G20) at ExCel.
· 2 April - Stop the War demonstrations at ExCel

Cass safety measures:-
-Your travel may be disrupted. For people using Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Cannon Street and Fenchurch Street, have a secondary route available just in case. Please keep an eye on the Radio and TV for updates and advice. We will of course provide email and Plasma updates within the building on the day as necessary.
-Do not antagonise the protesters in any way.
-Cancel any unnecessary off site meetings.
-Make sure you have and wear ID at all times.
-Keep your movements in and out of the building to a minimum.
-Don't carry laptops to and from work.
-Think about what you wear to work on the day. City attire such as suits have been targeted in the past
-Restrict your movement in and out of the building.
-React immediately to security requests. This could take the form of returning into the building quickly.
-There may be the need for periods to lock the doors and restrict access. Please adhere to this need.
-The external rubbish and smoking bins will be removed for the 2 days. Please keep there area clear of rubbish. (takut ada bahan letupan ka?bahaya school aku ni..mmg pre-caution btl)
-Bring your ID card with you and have it on you at all times.
-Make sure Reception are aware of any visitors you have to the school.

Maybe bcoz all of this...i've been dreaming that there's a real riot n chaos...(kena bhn letupan lg tu..nasib x teruk). Nitemare!!!! Hope everythings fine...



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