Apr 5, 2009

Breakfast+Lepaking @ Coffee Lounge

::The Fray-Never say never::

Today I join effy n djasmi lepaking and breakfast at coffee lounge..juz few metres away from our house. Hahahahah. Saja bosan2 join effy. She's the one who always hang out at coffee house, she even study at coffee house. Huh???A cosy place, I ordered croissant n caramel machiatto. Yummy!!!Here some pic at the lounge...(sambil2 testing my new hp camera..not so clear..but okay la). Tp klu di malaysia...ngak ada ongkosnya mau lepak di coffee house. Oh did I mention there's starbucks n costa coffee cafe in my school building??Hehehehee...

My caramel machiatto & croissant coffee lounge bergaya sakan dgn effy's Gucci sunglasses
Test cam hp #1 MSD:attending the interview (check out my yellow handbag :P)



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