Apr 13, 2009

My New Perfume

::Faizal Tahir-Bercinta::

Bought new perfume. Yippie!!!! Actually I bought it because there's a clearence easter sale here in The perfume shop. So juz grab it!!! Hahahaha. Before I present to u my newly fragrance...let me list down my previous perfume so that 'u' will not forget. Hahaha!!!!

1)Hugo Women by Hugo

My first ever perfume bought with my 2nd salary T_T
Actually I'm not into perfume..yeah..coz I got problem with my smell sense.
Maybe bcoz of my sinus??? Love this perfume so much...sporty fruity smell.
But ofi said its like floral smell. Actually its mango with cedarwood and sandalwood.
Feels youthful, feminine and adventurous. Bought it together with its pair..Hugo green (ofi)

2)Sweet Darling by J.Lo Kylie Minogue

Another sweet smell..This one is the limited edition from Kylie.
Nowadays u can only find sexy darling and darling..but not this one!
Hahahahah...smells boronia,vanilla,sandalwood,cotton candy and freesia.
Its feminine, sensual and seductive

3) The new perfume - Christina Aguilera

I aim this perfume since last year. Hohoho.
Smells lily,jasmine,peach,blackcurrent,vanilla, musk and sandalwood.
Its feminine, seductive and sexy (I love it!!). Heheheh
But dunno la if ofi like it or not...

There u hav it...only 3 perfume???Sikitnya collection. Bila la org tu nak bagi perfume kat saya ya??? :P


FionaHafiz said...

nice collection!
aku pon suka neh sm designer perfume. yg aku paling suka is promese by cacharel.apiz like it the most.cuba ko try carik .masa aku pakai dulu, dapat sgt byk review dr org sekeliling.hehe.sgt hebat la ini perfume.hehe.

Pink Praying Mantis said...

waaaa...akan ku cari. tq ona...

Pink Praying Mantis said...

oo...cacharel yg famous dgn amor amor n anais anais tu...tp yg promese ni x penah dgr lg..nnt aku pi cek tiga2 ni

FionaHafiz said...

yup yup
amor amor pon aku suka jugak.tapi paling besh ini promese owh hehe
cacharel makes the best feminine perfume i guess besides anna sui.
kalau anna sui, u try flight of fancy.erm~~~~~

archana said...

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