Apr 9, 2009

Bumper Issue (Regent's park + Ripley's)

::Natasha Bedingfield:-Say it again:: Today Actual plan is to go to the famous Madame Tussauds. Unfortunately when we arrived at baker street, pheww!!!A long queue!!Aha, juz remember it's easter holiday. No wonder there's many visitor. So we hav to canceled our plan. Can go next time..still hav time ;p So we decided to go to Regent's Park since its only 1 station ahead. So happy coz I really wanted to see the flowers bloom and take some nice spring picture (nmpk sgt slalu terperap dlm rumah je :P). and practicing on my photography..hahahah!!! Btw, where's my yellow tulip and petunia??? Pic below...any comment on my photo technique? please do so..juz click on the slideshow to see the pic album or here

Spring hangout

After that we went to Ripley's Believe it or not musuem in picadilly circus. Okla jg....we spend about 2 hours exploring the 5 floors building. Most of the item you've seen before in the tv series. (if you watch ripley's la...never miss the show coz dean cain is HOT!!!Hahahaha). Thats all for my bumper issue today (bumper ke??hehehe) Need to finish my CT4-models assigmnt...c ya...

*make up by maybelline, shirt from KRISP (lol). n nope!!!I'm not 'buncit' in the pic. Juz loss my weight n need to wear belt..thats why my tummy look like that..



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