Jul 13, 2009

After the incident

::BIP-cinta tanpa mata::

So lazy to update my blog. So let the pic do the talking ok!These pictures taken after the nearly snatched incident. Ofi said I look happy in the pic. Hmm...happy coz dpt shopping??Or happy dpt beg??

We decided to walk from bicester north to the bicester village. 10 minutes only. Save 2pound(klu naik bus)

The village

Nice shopping environment

At TOD's. Pretty2 handbag but $$$$$$$ Owh..I forgot!! We met Faizal Tahir look a like at the village. But my heart strongly said that it is Anas Tahir..his brother that study in swansea university (if I'm not mistaken la). Hav u seen anas tahir youtube??with akhbar. so hilarious funny!!!!!Anas Tahir wif family (which means faizal tahir's parents!!!!) Fuyooo...


Miss N said...

anas tahir tu senior nisha skola teknik..die mmg kelakar orgnye..hihi

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

1st, ive watched anastahir punya video di youtube tu, siap subscribe lg, manatau ada vid baru.

2nd, i love ur jacket.cantik la dj.

Pink Praying Mantis said...

cinoi:malu plak aku..sbb brg2 ko cinoi semua lawa2. ni jacket from ti:zed Jusco tu. under RM30 jak


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