Jul 29, 2009

Day 4 - Eiffel..I'm in Love

Wake up early in the morning about 1.30am. Cooked n prepared food for travelling. Catch up the eurostar train at 5.25am. It took only 2 hours to arrive paris. Wow!!! Arrived Paris Gare de nord at 8am. Then check in to the hostel. Went to Anvers for makan2 and shop for souvenirs. Then we went to the famous besi buruk, eiffel tower!! Lepak2 sampai ptg..n then went to museum de louvre where the famous mona lisa painting are. Tp x masuk pon..mahal n entrance da tutup. hehehe. Juz took picture around the musuem n the famous cube where they shot the da vinci code movie.

Eiffel I'm in Love



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