Jul 9, 2009

Back to Normal

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Back to normal means the weather here in london is back to normal, ahahaha. After a very hot summer (30-33degrees) now its back to 24 degrees. I know m'sia is hotter than this but here the climate is very dry and the sun feels very close...feels like the sun is on the top of our head :P One more thing why I cant stand the hot weather here, there's no fan in the house-Hot! No air-cond inside the tube (okay..maybe there is but u cannot feel it). I need to buy sunglasses coz my eyes ache so much. Betul ke ayat ni?? But I know..this peacefully weather will not last long. Have you heard this quotes...'a woman is like an English Weather'. It means that women are very moody..heheheh and their emotion is very unpredictable same like the english weather. So the weather here is very unpredictable...oh my...

Now that I am free...not really free la, I'm going to do some blog hopping to my frens blog. hehehehe. sdh lama sy tidak membacanya. Congratulation to all my fren (yg kahwin..yg dpt kerja...yg dpt sambung study..and what ever that u've achieved. For those who r not that lucky..mcm saya..try again n never give up. We still have another 6 month before this years end).

p/s:Cant wait for August 7. At 12hrs 34 minutes and 56 seconds on the 7th of August this year, the time and date will be 12:34:56 07/08/09 (123456789). I also cant wait for 090909...mesti ramai org nak kawin tarikh ni kn??(tp puasa la plak) Aku book tarikh ni - 091011 x pon 121212(jgn sesiapa amek ok!eh..3 thn lg??lm nya..xjd la)


FionaHafiz said...

aku booking 10.10.10!!!
hehhehehe ;p

Pink Praying Mantis said...

congratz ona..hahaha :P
ni sdh bgtau apiz ka atau decison sorg2 ni?


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