Jul 11, 2009

Nearly snatched

::Jonas Brothers-LoveBug::

Another sad story of mine. Yesterday, b4 we went to bicester village...my bag nearly snatched by 'org kulit itam'. Luckily I managed to hold to my bag n i did not let it go. Yup, I know ppl said that when there's a snatcher, juz let go of your belongings n dont risk ur life. But in my case, I cant let it go, thinking there's a lot of things in the bag, my purse, passport-visa, money, telekung (berkat telekung ni..alhamdulillah) and as usual I always hold my bag..so the snacher cant easily snacth it away and i'm confident that I can get my bag back coz the snacther is not that big n he didnt hold any sharp weopons..hehehe but I used all my strenght with the help of dj jasme too (a bit late helping me..but it worth it..tq dj jasme!!!). Yin juz standing n stare...she was shock+panick n thinking shud she help or not (adoi!!!!saat genting mcm ni pon leh pikir2 lg). But i dont blame her, she might be so scared. A'ai is way in front of us, x sempat buat apa2 gak coz we already get the bag. Happen very fast..maybe in 30 seconds like that..struggling with the snacher (cm main tarik tali). When he knew he cant get the bag..he let go of my bag n ran away and me n dj jasme fell down... :( sakit la blkg terhempas kt simen...to be precisely its my punggung!!! Aww!!!! Hehehe

I know why he aim me..coz I'm the smallest among all. You think you can mess with me?You picked out the wrong girl!!Owh, btw its 6.00 am in the morning so there's no one else in the tube station where the snacthing took place..thats why no one came to help us. I'm a bit shocked n I swear to myself I will never go out alone again..thankfully I'm going back to M'sia in another 2 months. I'm saved!!!Heheheh...

The shocked n a bit of scared has lead me to shop like crazy (ok..alasan je). But I think its true :P
Hasil shopping hari ini....see below pic
Gambar beg dorothy perkins yg dah koyak..dan telah di ganti dgn membeli beg dkny yg br. Hahahah. Tq dorothy perkins...sangat tahan n not easily tear off. Kalau x..mmg peragut tu yg dah dapat!Alhamdulillah...the power of Allah too. Always bless me..alhamdulillah... Sedikit sakit2 di bahu n lengan..mungkin kerana mempertahankn beg dr di ragut or maybe to many shopping bags that i've carried yesterday :P



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