Jul 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Yin!

::Lady GaGa-Eh Eh::

Oklah, ini adalah siaran tertunda. Happy belated beday to yin on the July 12th. After a long discussion bout where to celebrate her beday, at last we decided to celebrate at Nando's halal at bethnal green. When we arrived in bethnal green, cari punya cari nando's (x jumpa!!!!) . AAAAA!!!! Suddenly, we saw this KFC restaurant....weird??A lot of woman wearing scarfs eating inside the restaurant. Halal??Then I saw the halal sign. Yes, it is HALAL. The first halal kfc that we found. How come there's no info on the net??I've search before..but none!!!New one??? So we decided to buy a bucket of KFC and juz celebrate at home la. Hahahahah.

After 10 months fasting from KFC..heheh

The purezento - clinique happy heart n frog card

smile beday gurl (guess which one is the bday girl??heheh)


Muna said...

omg la dj. how much did u pay for the xbox??

Pink Praying Mantis said...

adala..hahaha....bwh 200 pound


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