Jul 3, 2009

I need another 10 credits

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Yesterday was a hectic day for me :P Xm, coursework, shopping for silver&black dress (which i didnt find anywhere) n went to our end of term party. Heheheh. Another 2 more coursework to submit and then will be dreaming about our trip to paris n italy. Heheheh.

Btw, juz got my result. Alhamdulillah, I pass all the core subject. Heheheh. But I still need to resit my financial math paper (told in the blog before, 60% of the class fail. So cannot blame me..heheheh). And I also need to take another elective paper this august coz I dont have enough credit..another 10. Why???What??How??Aiyo...elective subject worth 30 credits hour lorr. Sudah terlebih 20 klu amek ni. I decided to take modelling paper. wish me luck!! I'm not good at modelling. Aiyo!!!!

Planning to go back M'sia on the 7th of september. Weee....hepi2 cant wait. and probably will be quarantine myself with yin in shah alam for about 5-6days. Mmg menyahut seruan kerajaan la ktorg ni! Then planning to spend the weekend with ofi before I fly back to sabah. Sorry mum n dad coz blk lmbt. But I haven't decided yet. Maybe hav another plan or what so ever la.

Another problem of mine, how to ship back my kargo???The charge for shipping my item to sabah its not that expensive. Extra 10pound only from one that ship to peninsular m'sia. But the major problem is...the min charge is 100pound. What???100pound??west m'sia min charge is 40pound. Thats a big difference. I dont think so my shipping cost will be 100pound. I think I only ship 2 large boxes which will only cost 70pound. another 30pound???If thats the case...will be shipping 3 boxes. Bawa semua balik, my duvet,my pillow, and all la...heheheheh. Still thinking the next solution. Problem..problem..problem...aiyo...

Need to relaxed myself from al this tenses :P (x tension sgt pon)
19 days to go for our dream vacation...


mohd ruzaini said...

ada cara jer.. post jer batu2 kat uk ni.. buat hiasan.. hehehhe..


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